1/16/12 - 2.6 (Android, iOS and Web)

What's new:
- Added species and genus searching to the picker
- Autocorrect has been disabled in iOS picker search fields
- Updated iOS to support iOS 6 and iPhone 5

8/16/12 - 2.0.1 (Android and Web)

What's new:
- Fixed a scrolling bug for some sizes.
- Fixed a remainder bug in Decimal to Fraction.

8/11/12 - 2.0 for Android!

What's new:
At long last, there is now an Android version! Check it out here.

6/18/12 - 2.5! (iOS only)

What's new:
- The Widget is now a universal app for iOS, and is even rocking the iPad 3!
- Completely revamped interface, inspired by the iPad
- You no longer have to restart the app after changing measurement systems
- Fixed a bug that reversed the sense of the comparison pointers in some case

6/9/10 - Launch! We'd like to thank our online and iPhone testers: Kari Hultman, Rob Bois, Dean, Dyami Plotke, John Funk, Shannon Rogers and Brian Meeks. Stay tuned, because we're already working on more stuff.